December 25, 2012



Ehmm well, I'm currently "struggling" to start my thesis writing. I have all the materials, which I considered "enough" for me to start doing it now. But the problem now is, I don't know how and where to start. So.... I searched for more materials and ended up HERE! lol. My plan C is to continue watching liar game. Ok JK. I need to somehow complete it by today, or at least 70% of it, since I have to show it to my SV tomorrow. Sigh.

This is how my chrome looks like now. Bahahaha :p And this is nothing unusual when I'm working.

PS. I haven't started my revision. Eotteokeeee~~


Anonymous said...

good luck final icha :)


Fika Jahidin said...

Err thank you "stranger".